SOAR 2019 Cross Country Meets - Watkins Glen

The second XC meet of the year was at Watkins Glen, with a big group of kids from SOAR and the Ithaca Youth Bureau team. There were runners in the 2k, 3k and 4k races.

In the 2k, Maya Feschotte (8) took overall first in an impressive 10:21. She was followed closely by Elizabeth Black (7) in 10:32. Rounding out the girls were Ryleigh Potter (14) in 18:13 and Katie Horth (5) in 24:34. First place for the boys went to Andy Grant (8) in 11:41. Charlie Wukovitz (8) ran his first cross country race in 12:02, with Alexander Zhang (7) right behind him in 12:07. Ryan Horth finished fourth for the boys, in 14:15.

The 3k was the big race, with 17 kids. First place went to Peter Black (9), who held a rapid pace throughout the entire course and finished well ahead of the pack in 14:24. The rest of the boys were Aidan Lazzaro (10) in 14:53, Remy Feschotte (10) in 15:11, Gregory Homa (12) in 15:25, James Lovell (9) in 15:38, Dylan Tucker (9) in 16:33, Ashtyn Stark (11) in 16:47, William Boscia (10) in 17:09, Mattias Heresztes (11) in 17:57, and Rex Mangaraj (11) in 19:19. For the girls, Christina Peet (11) won in 15:47, with teammates Abigail Wagner (8) and Bella Beres (9) behind her in 15:56 and 16:17, respectively. The rest of the girls were Mary Black (12) in 16:56, Nora Golden (8) in 17:28, Maran Golden (11) in 18:20, and Elsa Wood (11) in 19:51.

The 4k field was small, but fast. Samir Gulati (13) crossed the line first, in 18:18. And Sadie Beres (13) took 19 seconds off her time from the previous week, finishing in 19:28.


SOAR 2019 Cross Country Meets - Newtown

The first of SOAR’s 2019 open XC meets was held on a beautiful Saturday morning at Newtown Battle Field State Park. We had 11 runners over the 2k, 3k and 4k races. For several, this was their first cross country race. Many thanks to Coach Duane for the well marked and fun course!

In the 2k, Violet Miller (6) led the race from start to finish, with a time of 12:06. Ryan Horth (8) followed up in 13:44, and his sister, Katie Horth, finished her first 2k in 21:46.

The 3k was a slightly larger race. First place went to Gregory Homa (12) in 14:33. The other three boys were James Lovell (9) in 14:37, Aiden Lazzaro (10) in 15:19, and Dexter Bell (9) in 21:14. First girl was Abigail Wagner (8), in third place overall and a time of 14:43. Next for the girls was Christina Peet (11) in 16:49, Bella Beres (9) in 21:49, and Tabby Oakes (12) in 23:36. Bella took a spill on the trail but fought through a hurt ankle to finish.

Sadie Beres (13) ran her very first cross country race, and did it alone in the 4k. She started at the same time as the 3k, and set the pace until the course split. She finished in negative splits with a 19:47.


2019 Region 2 Outdoor Track Junior Olympics Championships

Six SOAR athletes competed in the Region 2 Junior Olympics Championships at Slippery Rock University. The meet stretched over four days, with our kids competing on three of those. All six athletes had qualified to be here, based on their performances at the Association meet. You can read about that in the next post down. One more athlete - Raegan VanGorden - also qualified, but was unable to make it due to a soccer injury. She was missed by the team.

Abigail Wagner (8U girls). Abby ran in the 400m prelims on Saturday. She had the fastest time of both heats, with time of 1:20 (PR). She then returned to the track Sunday morning, for a very busy day. First, she ran her strongest event, the 1500m. She won that by an impressive 22 seconds, with a time of 6:06 (PR). She then immediately checked back in for the 400m finals, which she again won with an even faster time of 1:18 (PR). And in case that wasn’t enough, she then headed right back out on the track for the 800m, and won that in a time of 3:03 (PR). Four races, four wins, four PRs, and three first place medals.

Kamryn Slusser (9-10 girls). Kami competed in the long jump on Friday. She ended up just short of her PR from the previous meet, with a distance of 2.71m. She also hung in there for the whole meet over the following two days, cheering for her teammates, especially her sisters.

Matthew Keough (9-10 boys). Matthew jumped on Friday, with a best of 2.91m. This put him just outside of the finals. He had a day off on Saturday, and then returned for his running events on Sunday. He started with the 1500m, and earned himself his fastest time yet, with a 6:09 (PR). He then came back to run the 800m, and broke through the 3 minute barrier with a time of 2:59 (PR).

Maggie Houp (11-12 girls). Maggie arrived early Saturday morning to compete the javelin. She made the cut for the finals, and proceeded to throw her farthest ever with a 22.02m. This put her in sixth place - just one spot (and 0.28m) away from the medals. Then, Sunday morning, she joined her fellow distance runners on the track. She started with the 1500m, and a time of 5:25. This was once again agonizingly close to the medals, placing her sixth by only 1 second. But she came back out for the 800m and ran a 2:44, which earned her a trip to the podium with fourth place.

Ryann Slusser (13-14 girls). Ryann ran in the 100m hurdle prelims on Saturday. She finished in 19.26s, which put her in eighth place and into the finals on Sunday. There, she ran her fastest time ever - 18.82s (PR) - earning her a seventh place finish.

Charly Slusser (15-16 girls). Charly started the meet on Friday with the long jump. She surprised herself with a second place finish and a best distance ever of 5.21m (PR). On Saturday she lined up on the track, competing in the 100m prelims. Her time was 13.84s, not quite fast enough to make it to the finals. But her best event was still to come on Sunday. She started the day off early at the high jump pit, easily winning the event with a jump of 1.5m.

Athletes finishing in the top five qualified for Nationals in Sacramento, CA. That means Abigail qualified in all three of her events (400m, 800m, 1500m), Maggie qualified in the 800m, and Charly qualified in both the long and high jump. Only Charly is making the very long trip, however. Best of luck to her!


2019 Niagara Association Outdoor Track Junior Olympics Championships

This year’s Niagara Association outdoor track championship was at Penfield High School, and seven SOAR athletes represented the club in a wide array of events. The meet overall was small, and all athletes qualified to move on to Regionals by placing in the top six of all of their events. Congrats to them all, and we hope everyone can make it to Slippery Rock in July! Below is a summary of each athlete’s day.

Abigail Wagner (8U girls). Abby ran her normal two events, and added a third. She was the only one in her age group for the 800m and 1500m, but she ran hard to keep up with the older girls in her combined heats and finished in 3:03 (PR) and 6:36, respectively. She did have some competition in the 400m, but she remained unbeaten with a time of 1:26.

Kamryn Slusser (9-10 girls). Kami competed for SOAR for the first time in this meet, and kept it simple with just one event. She placed second in the long jump with a best of 2.89m (PR), earning a spot at Slippery Rock in July.

Matthew Keough (9-10 boys). Matthew ran and jumped, and took home two medals. He won an uncontested 1500m in 6:11 (PR) and placed second in the 800m in 3:01 (PR). Earlier in the day he competed in the long jump with a best of 3.03m and a fourth place finish.

Maggie Houp (11-12 girls). Maggie competed in her standard distance events, and added in her new favorite, the javelin. She started with the 800m, winning the race with a time of 2:40. She did the same in the 1500m, with a time of 5:37. Immediately after finishing the 1500, she had to hurry over to the javelin. She crushed her previous best with a 21.12m (PR) throw. New all-time SOAR record!

Raegan VanGorden (11-12 girls). Raegen split her time between the track and the jumping pit. She ran in the 1500m and finished second with a fast 6:26 (PR). Before that she also grabbed a second place medal in the long jump, with a best of 3.26m (PR).

Ryann Slusser (13-14 girls). Ryann stuck with the hurdles at this meet. She won the 100m hurdles in 0:18.9 (PR) and placed second in the 200m hurdles in 0:41.3 (PR).

Charly Slusser (15-16 girls). Charly took advantage of the four event limit for older athletes, hitting the track for two and jumping for two more. On the track, she finished 5th in the 100m final in a time of 0:13.55 and sixth in the 200m with a time of 0:28.88. She grabbed second in the long jump, with a best of 4.8m (SOAR PR). And she won her strongest event - the high jump - clearing 1.55m (SOAR PR).


June 2019 FLRC Open Track Meet

SOAR participated in the largest FLRC open track meet ever on a beautiful June evening in Lansing NY. In addition to the standard offering of running events, including the very popular “Mithacal Mile”, SOAR brought our new-found love for field events. We hosted the long jump, managed by Coach Brett and Coach Tom, and the shot put, managed by Coach Jess. These were practice events, with many kids from other local clubs trying the events for the first time.

Here’s a short rundown of the nights events, along with a few PRs:

100m - Definitely the most popular event for SOAR, with seven athletes competing. And all seven ran their fastest ever! Samantha Oakes ran a 14.30 (PR), Claire Devlin ran a 15.47 (PR), Elsa Wood ran a 15.69 (PR), Charlotte Welliver ran a 16.6 (PR), Tabby Oakes ran a 17.37 (PR), Jasmine Wagner ran a 18.18 (PR), and Mairin Agan ran a 18.36 (PR).

800m - Our distance team took the track for this event, and Maggie Houp represented SOAR well with a first female finish in a time of 2:42. Samantha Oakes came in at exactly 3:00 (a SOAR PR), Abigail Wagner ran 3:07, Elsa Wood was right behind her with a 3:08, and Jasmine Wagner ran her first 800m ever in 4:07 (PR).

4x100m Relay - Four of our sprinters joined up for this fast-paced race. Mairin Agan, Charlotte Welliver, Claire Devlin and Elsa Wood ran a 1:07, placing six out of 19 teams.

1 mile - The distance crew returned to the track for a classic event. Maggie Houp once again ran strong to finish as the second female, in 5:59. Abigail Wagner ran 7:11 and Elsa Wood finished in 7:25 (PR). And Elsa set this PR in the same heat as her dad, Dana Wood, set his own!

4x400m Relay - This event was canceled due to darkness, but not before Abigail Wagner, Maggie Houp and Elsa Wood were successful in getting Coach Brett to suit up to join them. Next time…

2019 Central Pennsylvania Youth Track Meet

SOAR was well represented in State College, with eight athletes that brought home a combined 11 medals and 7 ribbons, while setting 3 meet records. They also fielded two relay teams, including a new one for SOAR - the Swedish relay. In addition to that first, several athletes competed in the long jump for the first time, as well as our first ever javelin thrower. Full results below!

11-12 Girls Javelin - Maggie Houp threw the 450g aero javelin (for the first time ever) and placed 4th! She threw 15.63m, which is now officially the all-time SOAR record.

8U Girls 1500m - Abby Wagner won the race, beating her own meet record by 24 seconds with a time of 6:12, which is also her new PR.

11-12 Girls 1500m - Maggie Houp placed second, with a time of 5:30, just missing her PR. Raegan VanGorden earned a 5th place ribbon with a time of 6:09.

9-10 Boys 400m - Matthew Keough competed in his first track race with an impressive 4th place finish and a time of 1:18. (Spoiler alert - he wasn’t done for the day.)

11-12 Girls 100m - Makenna Keough earned her first medal of the day, with a 3rd place finish in a time of 14.22s. Claire Devlin ran a 16.05s, Charlotte Welliver a 16.66s, and Mairin Agan an 18.72s.

11-12 Girls 4x100m Relay - The SOAR team of Mairin Agan, Claire Devlin, Raegan VanGorden, and Charlotte Welliver placed third with a time of 1:08.02. This was the first ever SOAR relay team in a USATF-sanctioned meet.

8U Girls 800m - Abby Wagner repeated her earlier success in this race with another first place finish and another meet record. Her time was 3:07.

9-10 Boys 800m - Matthew Keough convincingly won this race with a time of 3:00, after leading from the start.

11-12 Girls 800m - Maggie Houp returned to the track, placing fourth in a time of 2:41.

11-12 Girls 200m - Makenna Keough surprised the field by nabbing first place from the third heat in a time of 29.78s.

9-10 Boys Long Jump - Matthew Keough took second place with a jump of 3.22m.

11-12 Girls Long Jump - Makenna Keough completed the domination by the Keough siblings, by winning the long jump and setting a new meet record with a jump of 4.64m. Her teammates Claire Devlin jumped a 3.01m, Raegan VanGorden a 2.77m, Charlotte Welliver a 2.56m, and Mairin Agan a 2.35m.

11-12 Mixed Swedish Relay - This was also a first for SOAR. This relay is for mixed gender teams, and consists of a 100m, 200m, 300m, and 400m. The SOAR team was Mairin Agan, Claire Devlin, Makenna Keough and Maggie Houp. They finished 4th with a time of 2:59.

2019 Hershey Indoor Youth Championships

Nine SOAR athletes made the trip down to the Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex on Staten Island for the 2019 USATF Hershey Youth Indoor Championships. And they all did fantastic, with three All-Americans with five medals between them and many, many PRs. Here’s a quick recap.

Friday Events:
Sabou competed in the 55m, 200m and 400m dashes. She set a PR in the 200m.
Tabby ran in the 55m and the 200m, with a PR in the 55m.
Owen earned a PR in the 200m.
Samantha ran the 3000m for her first time (automatic PR!).
Jaxyn placed fourth in the 3000m, earning a medal.

Saturday 800m:
Abigail sprinted into a second place finish, earning a medal and a PR.
Tucker ran a strong race.
Maggie grabbed another PR.
Owen ran his first 800m (another automatic PR!).
Chase ran a PR (in the SOAR books, at least).

Saturday 1500m:
Abigail earned her second medal of the day with a fourth place finish, and another PR.
Maggie set another PR, and won her heat.
Jaxyn earned his second medal, with a third place finish and a PR.
Samantha set a PR in a great race.

Charly earned a second place finish and a medal in the high jump.

March 2019 Indoor Meet at Cornell

The team competed at Cornell’s Barton Hall in the Finger Lakes Running Club March meet. This is an open meet for all ages, and this particular weekend included the 3000m, 55m, 200m, 1 mile and 4x200m relay events. SOAR had 26 athletes in total, with at least one in every event. And 24 of those athletes set personal records!

PR Watch:

  • Anya Beres: 200m (41.9)

  • Bella Beres: 60m (10.6)

  • Josh Beres: mile (5:48)

  • Zayla Buman: 200m (41.1), 60m (11.5)

  • Hazel Fuchs: 200m (54.3), 60m (13.8)

  • Marlo Fuchs: 200m (52.4), 60m (13.8)

  • Reed Fuchs: 200m (44.8), 60m (11.2)

  • Burke Hilgendorf: mile (7:47), 200m (41.8)

  • Ceci Hilgendorf: 200m (59.8), 60m (15.7)

  • Maggie Houp: mile (5:50), 200m (30.7)

  • Hannah Kauffman: 200m (40.4), 60m (11.0)

  • Leah Kauffman: 200m (45.7)

  • Makenna Keough: 200m (36.2), 60m (9.1)

  • Jaxyn Mahoney: mile (5:35)

  • Austin Neally: 200m (59.2), 60m (16.2)

  • Samantha Oakes: mile (6:32)

  • Tabitha Oakes: 60m (11.1)

  • Chase Ripley: 200m (29.1)

  • Raegen VanGorden: mile (6:34), 60m (10.0)

  • Abigail Wagner: mile (7:01)

  • Jasmine Wagner: 200m (42.8)

  • Annabella Wideham: 200m (1:11.0), 60m (15.3)

  • Elsa Wood: 200m (34.8), 60m (10.0)

  • Alex Yeater: 200m (27.1)